Propositions for foundation of

World Federation of National Logic Competitions

Logical thinking is a human capacity necessary for people who work in most pretentious professions, like computer science, natural sciences, economic sciences, jurisdiction and medicine. Logical thinking can be trained by solving of logical problems. Unfortunately only a few problems are dedicated to logic in schools. Pupils are forced to search for the logical problems elsewhere.

Salvation of logical problems doesn't permit to compare the logical abilities of pupils. They can be compared during the competitions. In Slovenia, such competitions started in 1986 and are named after the american profesor and writer Raymond Smullyan. Since 1992, the competition embraces pupils (starting with those of 11 years) and students.

To develop better the capacity of logical thinking, we suggest to create the WORLD FEDERATION OF NATIONAL LOGIC COMPETITIONS with the following aims:

1. to introduce logical problems in the hours of mathematics and other subjects during the whole period of obligatory education

2. to introduce logic as a special half-year subject in high schools (students between 17-18 years)

3. to introduce logic as an obligatory one-year subject on the universities of mathematics, philosophy, law and informatics and as a selective subject on most of other universities

4. to organize logic competitions for all groups of students, starting with pupils of 11 years, to organize circles in schools in order to prepare pupils for the competitions

5. to exchange informations about competitions, about methods of creating and solving logical problems, about developpement of the logical thinking of the students

6. to publish a newspaper with logical problems in english and to translate this magazine to other languages.

7. to introduce logical problems to other competitions.

The Federation would work with subvention of

  • editors of magazines with logical problems
  • editors of technical literature
  • national governements
  • institutions which need experts capables of logical thinking.

Until the foundation of the Federation, the programme would be directed by a special section inside the World federation of national mathematic competitions.

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